Jewellery Design Using Colour

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moss agate Beaded Necklace

Jewellery Design Using Colour. Be Creative. Make Your Own

The first step to making a jewellery design using colour is to clarify a few essential things. What type of jewellery do you want to make? A necklace, bracelet or earrings? How many colours do you want to use? There are many options. What type of beads do you want to use?

Working with Gemstone and Glass Beads

I work mainly with gemstone and glass beads. Gemstones have a natural beauty and once polished the colours and designs within the beads are highlighted. Some gemstones have many different colours within the beads. Others are naturally plain.

Jewellery Design Using Colour. Moss Agate Gemstone Beads
Moss Agate Gemstone Bead Strand

Look carefully at the above strand of beads. Notice how there are many different colour tones in the one strand. Also, some beads are fairly plain while others have quite obvious patterns in them.

Teaming Gemstones With Complimentary Beads

When choosing beads to compliment the gemstones, there are also many options. Here are a couple of suggestions. Choose beads to tone with the gemstones. Choosing beads in complimentary colours can come from other gemstone beads, crystals, pearls or glass beads.

Think about what effect you want your jewellery to have. This will have a bearing on your choice.

Gemstone Bead Necklace

I made a gemstone necklace using moss agate gemstone beads, black freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystal bicones. When sorting the moss agate beads, I chose the beads with a blue/grey tinge as much as possible. Teamed together with black pearl (these are a peacock colour) and the crystals gave a beautiful effect. 


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